What happens with returned Tuur® Products?

At Tuur® we find it very important to deal with our planet sustainably. A returned product is therefore given a second life. We do this in 3 ways:

  • Hotels and guesthouses
    Many of our returned products are sold to hotels and guesthouses. For them, this is an economical solution to purchase high-quality mattresses. In that sector, it's naturally not a problem that someone has already slept on them, as they will accommodate many more guests.
  • Buyers
    With a new, cheaper ticking, there is also a possibility that the mattress will be purchased for bulk sale by buyers.
  • Recycling
    Fabrics, textiles, and cores that can no longer be used due to careless handling by the first user are dismantled and go through a specialized recycling process for each material. This way, we can recycle the materials (usually into felt) as well as the latex (often into insulation material or compressed into sports equipment).

Regardless, nothing ever ends up with another, new Tuur® customer, and we also refrain from harmful practices such as destroying or burning returns.